can anyone help?

  1. hi all!

    i have never posted before but thought that this would be a good place to get some chanel-related help.

    i was at Neiman Marcus in palo alto, ca. the other day and saw a nice card case in the chanel section. it was perforated leather and came in red and green with the cc symbol in the front center. i should have asked then what the price because now i keep thinking about it. anybody have any idea what i'm talking about and what the price might be? also, i saw a similar styled wallet in blue and i hope that the card case comes in that blue or black. anybody have any idea?

    thanks in advance for any information!
  2. It's from the perforated ligne, but I'm not familiar with the prices.
    I will bump this for you. I believe hlfinn has got a blue card case, maybe she can help you out with the price.
  3. The wallets start at around $400 and I would guess the card case would be in the $300 range.
  4. hi! i have this. you can search back a while and find i posted pics of it. mine is blue and was 250 plus tax. it's adorable! hth!