Can anyone help?

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  1. Hi all,
    First time poster here. I went to a vintage store and the owner was adamant that all her bags were real. When I asked how they were authenticated, she got defensive and told me to just go to an actual chanel store if I didn't believe her bags were real but the annoying thing was, I was actually there to buy the bag that day! I left but I'm wondering if her bag was a fake since I couldn't find the serial number online (can you really do this?) and I can't seem to find this bag anywhere online. I've only seen jumbo size or mini in this bag but this is a size small. Can anyone help? She's selling it for us $1,800. Is it worth it?

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  2. Move to authenticate forum and someone can maybe help you.
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  3. Welcome! Firstly, the last piece of advice is good. Second, is that the Instagram account of the owner of the vintage store? I notice that the person wrote something in what appears to be Chinese characters, so with that said, I would be cautious. For the price she's selling for, that doesn't make sense for an authentic. Finally, Rebag, a company that specializes in selling pre-owned luxury handbags, prices most Chanel classics at a little over $2,000. Hope that helps!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.