Can anyone help

  1. Im trying to find out the name of my LV bag (my first one) and what date it was made:confused1: . Can anyone help??

  2. elc, where did you buy this bag from?
  3. I brought it in a charity/thrift shop. Why?
  4. I've never seen that bag with that shape before and the stitching looks off. :s
  5. I'm sorry, but i think this bag is fake because of as John said, the stitching, and also because of the color on the vachetta on the handle. It doesn't seem as genuine leather..

    If I'm wrong, please correct me - only the feeling I got when I first saw it.. I've never seen this one in a store/catalogue either..
  6. I the new cataloge there is one just like it but has a zip. I don't think it's a fake as it has the buttons and the marks inside.
    I just think it is a very early design.
  7. Do you want to post inside pics so we can see and confirm?
  8. which cataloge did u see it from? I am not sure, but the vachetta and the feet is giving me second thoughts, my stephen have round feet, but it's not that big of bump and it have Louis Vuitton on it, does the store you purchase from guarantee authenticity?
  9. :yes:
    The vachetta is bothering me also..
  10. UK catalogue,
  11. What's the vachetta?
  12. vachetta is the leather part of the handle.
  13. To be honest the flash on the camera makes it much more lighter than it is. I don't have any guarentee as i brought it second hand.
  14. If you want us to help, we need to see more pics of the bag - inside, any LV markings...
  15. The strap still looks a little plastic-y to me, it's really shiny. I'd think if it were older, it would be softer and darker. Please post pics of the inside. :yes: