Can anyone help with this lost cause??

  1. Hi!

    I am desperately looking for a grey reissue in size 226 or 227.

    Any suggestions of where to find one??
  2. Taken from a post about half page down from yours:

    "if you are looking for the plain 2005 anniversary reissue, those are very very hard to find. your best bet is eBay or a good SA that is willing to keep one on his/her radar. Usually returns or stock that has been ignored in the backroom..."

    A quick search for reissue and "gray" or "grey" will reveal that even a report of a sighting is enough to stop all posting activity on this board for several minutes as everyone dives for the phone to call the store listed as having it.
  3. Too funny! You are right though....I will keep my search on the "down low."
  4. I have found that putting in calls to / visiting local reputable consignment shops is your best bet. There is a store in my area that sells authentic Chanel (and other brands). They usually list the "most wanted" ones on eBay BUT if I let them know I am looking for a specific one and will give them a certain amount up front, I can usually get it.

    They also tend to have clients who have stuff just SITTING in their closets that are most wanted bags here. Grrrr....lonely bags. Sometimes they will even ask their clients if they have certain bags for you.

    That may be a good option. (I do live in L.A. so this may not work for people who live in small towns, of course, but still worth a shot.) Good luck!