Can anyone help with this bag?

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    Can anyone help me with this? I have been searching for this bag (or even something super close or a knockoff cause I love it SO much).

    Any information on this would be great. I have been searching since I saw the season finale of friends! So far no luck or leads on it.

  2. The bag is fake.
  3. :wtf: Don't know if this is the best place to be asking about a knockoff or fake:sad: . 99.9% of people on this forum are super against fakes.

    Back to the John said, its fake. LV never made that bag. It was a fake for the show only.
  4. I didn't even read this part... my two cents:

    If you are a true lover of LV, you wouldn't even think about purchasing a fake. If you do, you're only mocking the company by buying a fake bag. :yucky:
  5. Wow, I didnt realize that by me saying that people would be so rude. First of all, I loved the bag so much that no matter what brand it was I just wanted it. So for now if I could find one close to the real thing till I could find or afford the original I didnt realize I would offend everyone on the board and the whole company. I was just kindly asking for help, with ANY info on the bag a name, if it was even a LV at all. I thought people would be a little kinder. The 2 LV bags that I do own are real and I dont buy fakes, I just loved that bag. I am truly sorry I posted this and clearly offended everyone.
  6. ^^^

    PittsburghGal, I'm sorry if you feel that people have been rude to you here.

    But you stated:

    I have been searching for this bag (or even something super close or a knockoff cause I love it SO much).

    Mention knockoff around here and you will get some pretty strong opinions as the majority of PFers do NOT tolerate fakes of any kind. So you mentioning that you are searching for a knockoff will get people's hackles up right away, KWIM?
  7. addictedtolv*

    I see what your saying and maybe I didn't explain it well enough. I just liked the bag a lot. Whatever brand it was and I just wanted some help. I appreciated you saying things kinder. The other comments made to me came off very snobby.
  8. What she said.

    I probably came off snobby, but I was just speaking the truth. ...and I'm not very fond of fakes... :yucky:
  9. Someone calling me again??? LOL

    You will find most members here will get very snobby when the topic turns to fakes!!
  10. to answer your question, the bag used on that final episode of friends is a fake. it's just used as a prop to better provide the idea of rachel going to paris to work for louis vuitton.

    the bag itself is based on the cabas luco and shopper... it's vintage looking, so probably a vintage fake hybrid of those two bags.
  11. Thanks for you help, I appreciate it. :smile: