Can anyone help with the year of this bag?

  1. I found this bag still with the tag and plastic on the handle. It says burberry of london on the front and burberry's on the zipper pull. There is no burberry engraved on the hardware it is lined in their signature dark brown lining the tag on the inside does not flap up either. Its got what looks like a pda pocket and a cell pocket as well as a zippered pocket.

    The tag says style BT 601-202-53

    Any info greatly appreciated Thanks in advance

  2. I thought this picture was in there sorry

  3. :tdown:so fake
  4. btw, you can recognize the Burberry year by the number on the upper barcode on the tag. Now we are in year/season 59 I believe.
  5. I hope the seller did not tell you it was real.