Can anyone help Need to know how much the Chloe Edith Loaf is BY TONIGHT!

  1. I figure that means the small Chloe Edith Satchel:p

    I want to buy a whiskey, but I can only see white online. Check with Nordstrom, the lady finally found the LAST one from the company. But her quoted price was $1275 plus tax, which is different from the white one which is currently listed on Bergdorf Goodman ($1105)

    Can anyone tell me whether it is the lady who made a mistake, probably found a classic Edith instead of the loaf? or, the white small Edith satchel below is different in details from the whiskey one from Fall collection?


    This is the pic I found on BG

    The link: Chloe -  Small Edith Satchel -  Bergdorf Goodman
  2. joyfish,
    go onto net a porter, they have the US dollars price of the edith, should be able to confirm the price there
    im in the UK, so not so easy to tell you the price, but that white is a new style out, so it figures that it is more! Chloe are putting their prices up every season at mo ;)

    good luck
  3. Thanks chloe-babe. I actually checked NAP, unfortunately it currently does not have this style. I can only see classic and large Edith.
  4. how about LVR or aloharag, try them too
  5. I think aloharag orginally had them for USD$1014. It was then discounted to USD$507 during the first of their sales a couple of months back.

    OT. Woohoo! My 400th post.
  6. Dear Joyfishyu:

    I think Nordstrom SA is mistaken... Regular Edith is listing price is normally $1275 and the loaf is at $1100 (smaller so cheapper due to less leather involved).

    Aloharag usually mark their prices 9-10% lower than suggested list price.

    You want to check the forum as a member recently just got her loaf in Chaco. Find out where she bought it and maybe you can track 1 down...

    Hope this info helps...
  7. its usually 1k... but it went on sale on aloharag last nov

  8. That's correct. I got my Chocolate Loaf from them for $506.
  9. Thanks gals! That's been really helpful.

    mona-danya: That looks like a classic edith to me, unfortunately there were no extra details that we can look into. But thanks for reminding me of the luisaviaroma. I just totally forgot to check it before posting this.

    Morgan - You confirmed my doubt. It was really hard to communicate with that lady just by describing the details. I did send her pic of the white one, but anyhow, it did not help.

    leanbeanee & TravelBug: I missed that sale! The original price looked so sad when compared with the sale price at aloharag! I am in deep regret now!!

    BTW, I have never bought bags from LVR. Will the shipping and Custom fee be very costy?
  10. Dear Joyfishyu:

    If you are in US, buying from LVR, you need to add-on just for duty/mpf alone is 9%+$25 min. then exchange rate that credit card company charges and then advance fee that FED EX charges.....

    Unless $ is NO object or you've got a great discount, you need to do your math before buying....

    Hope this info helps....
  11. Thanks for the info, Morgan:flowers:
    $ is definitely a concern for me right now. Importing have so many hassles. My cousin and I ordered three bags from Italy last Oct, shipping and duty cost us $555! Although they were still cheaper compared to US market price, but the difference is not that much ultimately.