Can anyone help me?

  1. Hey Guys!
    I have some of my favorite songs in my iPod that I want to transfer into my computer. I have tried many times by different methods but I am unable to transfer. Do you people have any idea that can help me out? Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Are they not already in your i-tunes library on your computer?

    When my computer hard-drive failed and I lost all my music on the pc, I got mine back from my i-pod via some method that I found on one of the apple help sites. Their apple community/forum is great for support and tips so I suggest going there. I found a hyperlink on one of the threads which went to a 10 step way to do it which was really easy. I wish I had the link for you but it was a long time ago. Let us know if you manage to fix it!
  3. If it is not on your computer there are programs that you can buy that will take the songs off your iPod and put them onto your computer. I think I bought mine at Best Buy or you can find one to download. Try going to and look around there. It is a great Apple message board.
  4. You can go to and there are lots of programs (for like $10 or so) that can transfer your songs from your iPod to your computer. I had to do that when I got a new laptop and wanted all my iPod music on it. i think it was Ipod copy or CopyPod...something like that.
  5. Hi, there is lots of software available on the net that can easily transfer songs, pictures or music with iTunes. Currently I am using iPod 2 iTunes software and it works very well for me and I hope this will help you too.
    Good luck!
  6. It's also possible to do it without any software but it is an enormous pain in the ass that requires you to re-label a lot of stuff when you get it done.

    You can find a guide to this process here, if you don't want to bother with a program and don't mind a bit of leg work. :smile:
  7. The method I used doesn't require software:

    1. Go to My computer
    2. Go to Control Panel
    3. Go to folder options
    4. (you may need to select classic view)
    5. Click the View tab under folder options
    6. Select "Show hidden files and folders"
    7. Select Apply
    8. Click ok

    Now you can connect your ipod and open up my computer and open the ipod hardware driver? and just copy and paste your music folders

    Hope I helped some :smile:
  8. I have a program called Tune Transfer. I bought it at Target for $ is so shows your all your Ipod stuff and you can just click and drag.