Can anyone help me?

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone give me any suggestion on what to do? I had won an item on eBay (item #200186731589) two weeks ago. Once I log onto my email to check for the invoice to make the payment the seller had already send me a mutual agreement stating the item is damaged with ink spilled all over the bag. I agree not to continue with the sales because they said it was damaged. After 3-4 days later the same seller had re-listed the same item (200188718134) up again with the same description (did not state it is damaged) and the same pictures. I have contact the seller asking "Why are you posting up again. Is it because you think you sold it to me for a low price then what you had in mind therefore you told me it is damaged? If that is the case I will repot to eBay." They ended the auction right away because I said I will report to eBay. After couple of days a different seller had posted that seller's SAME item (290196122996), description, pictures, and starting price. I'm assuming this new seller is the same seller that is not willing to sell the bag to me and made up excuse saying it is damaged.

    Please help me out. This is pissing me off. :cursing::hysteric::cursing: This is really unfair to me (not like I cared) but the most important fact is ebay banning this listing. Am I too mean? :graucho: Thank you!
  2. ^ Be glad they wouldn't sell to you because that bag is fake! :yucky:
  3. Classic!! I'm reporting the auction. Hopefully they'll remove that fakey fake!! LMAO...
  4. Fairlady, report to ebay and post the counterfeit bag on the MJ thread so others can report as well!