Can anyone help me??

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  1. I would really like to find the miss marc Katie bag, and cannot find it anywhere:sad: I keep checking eBay and the only one I see is nylon. Does anyone have any thoughts as to where one might be? I live in the Chicago area, and just checked the Macys today and saw nothing. I am beginning to think that me and this bag were just never ment to be. If anyone has seen it around it would be great to know....thanks a bunch ladies!!:idea:
  2. These sell out pretty quickly, have you tried calling a MBMJ boutique to see if they can locate it for you?
  3. i hope you're able to find one, but if you don't, have you seen the new miss marc bags? i saw one in this month's lucky magazine. it had miss marc wearing a coat and earmuffs in the snow. the bag was black and seems roomy. it looked really cute. perhaps you'll like the newer styles?
  4. I have seen that one on the MJ site....I must have missed it in my Lucky....I'll have to go back and look. Any thoughts as to when that one might go on sale??
  5. sorry, i was mistaken. the bag is actually pictured in the september issue of teen vogue. i read so many magazines, i can't keep track of them all! it retails for $178, but i can't find it anywhere online. if it does go on sale, it won't be until after the holiday season most likely.
  6. hehe thats ok....I have a HUGE mag. problem so I understand. Thanks a bunch for your helpful thoughts though!!