Can anyone help me with timeless cc tote?

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  1. Hello girls,

    I am wondering how this bag looks like? I am pretty new to chanel but dear bf got me one:yes:...I don't even know how it looks I hope I can see some pic before he returns to Canada!! ( I did some research...eBay as well...but I was sure if it is it, so really need you girls opinion!!:heart: Thanks all!!
  2. This is my Timeless Petit Shopping Tote


    and in action on Nicole Appleton

  3. [​IMG]
  4. Hehe Nathalie I was about to go look for your post of your timeless tote. I just posted that one above because I've heard people call that a timeless CC tote too. (???)
  5. Thanks missisa07, you're always so helpful :heart: I was searching for a picture of the one that you've posted, but I couldn't find it. I'm glad that you found it. :tup:

    And yes, you're right, we call them both Timeless totes. For myself, I always add the word petit for the tote I have and for the one you've posted just the Timeless tote. They are both part of the Timeless Classic collection and both of them are so cute!
  6. ITS HERE!! I thought they deleted it>.< anyway I just want to say THANK YOU to both of you!! Being very helpful. I saw one on eBay

    It looks way too different from what you guys show me...This is not the one bf got me right? Not timeless cc tote is it? I don't like this at all:push:. Can I know how much is this bag, if anyone knows? Thank you again girls!! Love you!!:heart:
  7. The tote in that auction is a fake Cambon tote.

    In our reference library you will find pictures of authentic bags from the Cambon ligne:
  8. Yeahhhhhhh~~Nathalie(oopz just realized I spell your name wrong:p) you saved my feeling for "timeless cc tote". I am super noobie to all those bags. I will learn to remember all of them:yes:. But I would like to ask you one more question is you can help?

    I saw this bag...."Pink petite shopper" it the bag you guys got? I know strap looks a bit different...but overall look is pretty much the same(or just to me:p) This bag is timeless cc tote as well? or different one? (gosh...I am so dumb!!) Thank ya again!!:heart:
  9. No, the pink one is the PST aka Petit Shopping Tote. Like you said, this one has the leather straps on top and the size is more North/South, unlike the Timeless Petit Shopping tote, which is a more East/West kind of size and has a zippered top. I hope this makes any sense? :shrugs:
  10. Is there a large "timeless tote" too?
    is it still available in stores?
    Thank you
  11. Yes, there is also a larger size of the timeless tote, I think it's about 13 inches. I'm not sure if they're still available, as I have not seen them around lately. Over here in Europe, that is.
  12. GOSH!! Nathalie, you are such a chanel expert!!!!:tup:(At least to ME!!) I totally in love with timeless cc tote now!! I can't wait to see it in person. And I don't know how to thank you for being helping me here!! I hope you have a very very nice holiday!!:ty:
  13. :yes::tup:

    Yes - Nathalie you are awesome!
  14. I have not seen the larger version here in California:sad: honestly I thought that is no longer in production because of the GST style, I have only seen the petit version (like Nathalie's) @ Chanel Boutiques as well as the dept. stores.
  15. Aww :shame:, thanks you guys, just trying to be helpful where I can.