Can anyone help me with this Chanel ring?

  1. Hi everyone! This is a picture a member had posted on another thread. I have been wanting this ring for a while, but haven't had the time to go down the Chanel boutique. Does anyone know if this is costume or fine jewelry, and how much it cost? Is it true that the costume rings only come in a size 6.5? Thank you all for our help! :p

  2. I haven't seen this ring at Chanel, but if it's authentic I'm sure it's costume jewelry. Chanel fine jewelry doesn't scream Chanel. It's subtle. In other words Chanel fine jewelry doesn't have logos or initials.
  3. may be it's the angle, but the cc's seems a bit long, like Cartier's logo?
  4. Here is a pic from eBay to show a better angle. It has a crystal missing though. The eBay listing says it is a size 9, but I read somewhere that the costume rings only come in a size 6.5. Does anyone happen to know if that's true? Thank you!!

  5. Do you have a link to the auction? That ring looks fake to me.

    Yes, Chanel costume jewelry is one size fits all - I think it's size 7 though.
  6. it doesn't look authentic~ does it have the metal stamp on the back? if not, its fake
  7. I emailed the seller for more pictures, but hasn't responded I have a feeling it is fake also. Good to know about the sizing...I won't be stressing about wanting to buy a ring so badly!! I wear a size 8-9.
  8. my chanel ring is a size 6.5, costume jewelery. i will post a pic soon~
  9. i dont think it is auth~ :sad:
  10. I agree altho me am no expert. It looks out of shape.
  11. I think it is a fake Chanel....99.99 % confirmed.
  12. I saw a fake just like the ring in the first pic. It was at one of the kiosks in the mall.
  13. Ring definitely does not look authentic from what I can tell. Are there pictures of the authenticity stamp listed with the auction?

    Also, from all of the authentic eBay auctions I've seen for Chanel costume jewelry rings, the sizes were always 6.5.
  14. Oh yeah it's definitely a fake. The seller finally responded and will not send me any more photos of the ring. Bummed they only come in a size 6.5. My friend mentioned having it resized...kind of afraid of doing that! Thank you to everyone for your help!:smile:
  15. ek! yea it's totally fake. the shape is off... is that seller selling a lot of fake Chanel there? if so you'll need to report them! and look at how one of the stones is missing on the ring. if it's the real deal they would have taken it to the Chanel store and fixed it before selling it on eBay.