Can anyone help me with a

  1. work related question?

    If one interviews for two positions available at their place of employment, but aren't hired for either of the jobs. Is there anything that can be done? Maybe legally? What if that person knows they are qualified for the job more so than one of the person hired for the job? What if they have a strong feeling they weren't hired for the new position because they were told not to by their boss?

  2. you'd have to have significant proof I think.
  3. Sounds like a sticky situation....I wouldn't want to work somewhere where I had suspicions like this.
  4. Without proper documentation of specific issues..There is nothing you can do.
    PHH runs a huge department of a med school and has to document every single issue....good and bad.......

    Is there a specific reason you feel slighted by this?
  5. I applied for two positions that were open at my place of employment. I wasn't hired for any of them, I was told that I have a lot going for me outside of work. I did not know if they meant that I would be too busy to do my job (dumb) or I should be happy that I have other things that are positive going on in my life. I have a STRONG feeling that my boss did not want me to get either of the two jobs that were available. I am qualified for both positions and I had a lot going for me. There are comments that he has made in the past and on top of that, one of his favorite employees does not like me because the CEO recommended me for an award and she was not nominated. There are more things as well, I just do not want to bore you all.
  6. I do not want to be there either, it is just SO hard to find a job.
  7. The thing is, you just don't know how the other people's interviews went and they're qualifications are. KWIM?
    My DH interviews and hires people every week . . . it's very tedious.
    Sorry you didn't get the positions you were hoping for.
  8. ^You are right, I just have a feeling it was something else....

    I have been with the place for a long time and whenever there is an opening and I apply, I never have had a problem. I just feel something is up.
  9. If you have that feeling, you're probably right. Maybe a chat with your boss would be helpful, just to clean the air? It might be a misunderstanding or just some gossip that needs to be explained. That won't change the fact that you didn't get the jobs, but might help in the future if there are other positions you want to apply for. If there is something you need to do to have a better chance, it's better to know about it. And if there is not - if this is purely about personal chemistry - and there is nothing you can do, then it's better to know this too, and maybe start to look elsewhere.

    Unfortunately, getting a job is not only about qualifications, but also a lot about networking, personal chemistry, and also luck.
  10. ^I agree with you and you are right.

    I have been here since I graduated from college, since 2001 and any time there has been an open position, someone from the inside, who has applied, has always gotten the job. I applied twice, once to get in the company and the next the job I am in right now. Since 2001 there have been about 9 open positions and each person, who applied, has gotten the job from the inside.

    Oh and by the way, last May, I was told by my boss that it might be helpful if I found a job outside of this company since the girl he likes does not like me. Is that not unreal?
  11. that is crazy .........
  12. If you work for a company that has a grievance process, I'd definitely file a grievance and get all of this on paper. It will show your boss that you're not going to take any more of his nonsense and that you're serious about your future in the company. I'd also start sending resumes out to other companies, you may as well start considering other options. Good luck and out of curiousity, are you a U of I alum?
  13. I agree with crowgal...I think you should start looking for another job. It is hard to "prove" or claim grievance on something based on your perceived feelings. Unless something very specific happened and you can document it, it's going to be very difficult for you to prove that they acted against you undeservingly. Is there a third party there that you can talk to - such as an HR director? It might make things worse if you directly talk to your boss if you already believe that this person isn't out for your best interest.

    Whatever happens, good luck.
  14. :yes: Not saying don't follow your gut, but it could just be that the other people who interviewed for it may have been better qualified this time around? If you feel strongly about it, talk to your boss about what areas you can make stronger so next time you get the job yea?
  15. unless you work for a government organization or something (they have much stricter hiring practices because they're funded by taxpayers) it's pretty much up to whomever is in charge to choose who is hired for what - it could be over something as silly as they didn't like your shoes that day, and you wouldn't really have any recourse. if you think it was racial or sexual descrimination, that's one thing, because that's prohibited by law, but other than that, you're pretty much SOL. there's nothing in local, state, or federal law saying that the most qualified person has to be hired for a job that they apply to in private industry. sorry :-/.