Can anyone help me with a Jumbo flap question

  1. does it come in a dark brown caviar and how much are jumbos? thanks guys!!```
  2. Yes, I saw dark brown distressed caviar (new caviar leather) with MM lock. I don't remember the price.
  3. I don't know the new price... I think its around 2300 and it has come in dark brown caviar before.
  4. The "new" dark brown is not the traditonal caviar. Its called calfskin I think and it a little softer than the jumbo caviar bags......AND its got a different closure
  5. Not the CC closure? that is really what I am after... suggestions?
  6. Right. the new brown ones have the mademoiselle closure not the CC closure
  7. Are there older ones I might be able to locate that do have the CC closure?
  8. There was a brown one with the CC closure posted on the shopping forum. I think it was at Chanel Mall of America if Im not mistaken.

    I paid $2250 for my jumbo, but that was back in May.
  9. I saw a classic dark brown flap in the UK last week in the jumbo size but it was lambskin. The price was £1340.
  10. The classic caviar with CC closure is $2250.00 and the the distressed caviar with MM lock and new chain is $2595.00.