can anyone help me with a DY piece?

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  1. ok, I've been looking for a picture or any information on this David Yurman piece that I saw at Neiman marcus. Basically it's part of the renaissance collection, the band looks like a cigar band and it has 3 different colored stones ( I think one of them is citrine) I need some information or pictures of it but can't seem to find it in DY web site or the NM site. Can anyone out there help?
  2. You could try checking ebay to see if you can find any picutres. I'm coming up blank on this one. Sorry!
  3. has some pieces that doesn't have. You may want to check there...
  4. thanks, i checked saks, neimanmarcus, and bloomingdales, but can't seem to find a picture of it. I even tried the DAvid yurman site and they don't have it.