can anyone help me? stella bag

  1. i guess it's the bigger size? do you know where i can found this and which season was it from? and how much it cost? also can someone please tell me the dimension of this bag?
    it seems quite heavy, but definetly lighter than stam. i particularly llike the lock, like louis vuitton koala line?
  2. there's one on eBay right now, but it looks a bit dirty.
    personalshoppers is selling it.

    They aren't that heavy, unless lined with suede, some are canvas, some suede.

    Stella's are great.
  3. thanks, i'll look up :P
  4. Stella measures 11"H x 17"W x 5"D, it's a little bit wider than Stam (11 x 16 x 6").

    Marc Jacobs is the creative director of LV as well. =)
  5. thanks bag.lover for the info. i'm also aware of mj is at lv too. actually he's the one who made me crazy about lv.
  6. Hi seahorseinstripes -- that looks like my light taupe Stella. I bought it in fall 2003 from for $895 plus tax. It's a beautiful bag :heart: ! It is heavy, though.
    Picture 001a.jpg
  7. I see you have ?S replyed to. Just to add it is A true Tote and one of the best ever made if you get authentic,
  8. thanks... :P