Can anyone help me re: Missing(?) item coming from France?

  1. Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone internationally (preferably France, but anyone who is familiar with this type of situation is welcome to chime in) can help me find my bag! :sad:

    I purchased a bag which was shipped by the seller from Paris on January 7. I haven't received anything and she sent me the tracking info this morning. According to (Colissimo) it has been sitting at the post office waiting for me to pick up since January 14! I went to 2 different post offices this morning and no on has anything, no one even has a record of the tracking number. I checked with Fed Ex, UPS and DHL and no one has a record of this number. Fed Ex did a search with incoming from Paris on the 7th to me and there is nothing there. I haven't received any cards or notices from any service. I'm starting to freak out! Has anyone ever encountered this or has any idea on what to do next? TIA, everyone, I'm really wanting my beautiful bag. :crybaby:
  2. Do you know what zip code she sent it to? It should be at that corresponding post office - are you able to track the item online and see where it shows it being currently?
  3. The seller wouldn't by chance be fashionanyone?
  4. Ha! No! Thanks to your efforts (and the efforts of all poor other PF'ers duped by this disgusting waste of flesh) I know to stay far away from her and keep up on her various aliases.

    Also, I've just been informed that it was delivered and it's at home waiting for me! It was delivered by DHL, but strangely, when I checked with them, they also had no tracking number in their system. Bizarre. I guess I'm lucky it got to me. :tup:

    Thanks to everyone who chimed in! You're all gems! :heart:

  5. Good glad it worked out!!!!! YAY

    HAHA , couldn't help asking about fashionanyone. Hey btw she received her first negative w/ this new id .