can anyone help me please?

  1. shmoo posted a pair of green python yoyos the other day and i'm not obsessed. has anyone seen them recently and if so where? and if not, do you have the sku number from Saks to help me find them? my Saks in nyc was none too helpful! thanks!
  2. There is apar on the bay right now. It was posted in the deals section I think it's a 39 or 39.5 if I remember correctly
  3. yeah i saw it. i'm hoping for a 40. and to pay less since i think they were on a really good sale. but thank you!
  4. i'm a dummy. those are a great deal now. i was thinking of a diff size. they have 4 days left but i'm watching and will be hoping. the Saks sale price was insanely close to what they are now.
  5. I didn't know they were on sale at saks! I know saks in Las Vegas had them. If you get them at a deal congrats! Python on sale is always a deal.:tup: