Can anyone help me locate Mini Compagnon in Red?

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  1. Hi everyone:flowers:!

    Can anyone help me locate a Mini Compagnon in Red like 07 Tomato, etc? If you happen to remember you saw one somewhere, I appreciate your help:heart:. I am making phone calls myself, too.

    Thank you~~~:smile:
  2. Can't remember which but one of the Saks had one last week. I was asking about wallets/colors and remember one of them having red. Maybe boca?
  3. ^^
    Thanks Z&J.
    No luck yet... Keep missing it on fleabay~~~!!!
  4. Still searching for one in regular hardware... Anyone seen one lately? Thanks for your help~~~
  5. There's one on -bay in Coral.
  6. I know, but I think they are both GSH and I am looking for a RH... Thank you anyway~~~
  7. Good luck, Tiramisu. I was on a hunt for exactly that wallet, and called every place I could think of including Bal LA, Bal NY, Aloha Rag, 6 or 7 Neimans, and a couple of Saks. No joy. My hubby bought me a Bottega Veneta wallet for Mother's Day, so that puts my search officially at an end. I'm guessing you're going to have to wait until one pops up on fleabay.
  8. hi, was just at barneys beverly hills yesterday, and thought i saw a red mini-compagnon in RH (not sure if it's tomato or coral).

    good luck!
  9. Kathy K, that is so funny, I am looking at BV for the alternative!!!
    BHmommy, thanks for the heads up! I will try calling, but I am not that hopeful as I saw your thread just now...

    I hear F/W has a red in the collection, but so far AlohaRag isn't getting one for sure:sad:. They told me they are not getting any Mini Compagnon this Fall...
  10. Tiramisu, don't give up! I called a pile of places, but did NOT call Barney's. Maybe you'll get lucky yet! If not, take another look at the BV. Apologies to the Bal purists, but the BV wallets are pretty amazing. I love mine, and think it is a purse classic. Either way, good luck!
  11. don't give up! it didn't seem like the Bal wallets were flying off the shelves or anything... i even managed to score myself a Jaune real coin wallet.

    here's barneys Bev Hills' tel #: 310-276-4400