Can anyone help me in naming the color for this bag

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  1. Hi,

    I have been doing some research on the Bow as it shall be my next buy *jumping happily around"

    However, I am not able to put a color to this bow bag in the attached. Can someone be so kind to help me name it? Is it maghetto? But it looks to have a more greyish tone to it.

    And may I also know if this coffer bag color (dusty pink?) is avaliable in the bow? It is the 2010 spring-summer collection, however I don't seem to see it around. And what would be the correct name for the color?

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. I am not able to see the first picture, don't know why. As for the second picture yes, that is mughetto, but if my eyes don't fail me that looks like mughetto in lambskin. I think right now you can only find mughetto bows in glazed calfskin. They re did Mughetto for Spring so you could probably still find a bow in calfskin mughetto at the stores.
  3. It´s really hard to see the color in the first pic because it´s very small and also the light make it difficult to see, or at least it is to me:smile:; as I see the pic it could be anything from sughero or sabbia (light brow-beige colors) to mughetto or antico (light pink)... But I´m not an expert:P. Can you find a larger pic, or save it and send it as a larger file, then it would be easier to see?

  4. Hi, I was browsing my favourite Miu miu store yesterday and i saw that exact bow satchel. the color is pronounced as Cameo (the friendly assistant told me so!).

    it is gorgeous! much better than the mughetto in my opinion. sigh, if only i didn't just get my mm bow bag in pomice. :sad:
  5. the bag is in a newest fall collection! Cammeo colour! I bought one! And totally loving it! :love::love: