Can anyone help me identify this purse?

  1. [​IMG]

    Can any of you ladies help me idenitify this Chanel? How much is it really worth if they say it's brand new? Please help the newbie.:P
    Much thanks-Colleen
  2. I own a lot of Chanel and I don't think this is a real one. Is it from eBay or other online site?

  3. Also, Chanel never hangs tags on the handles (as shown in this picture).
  4. Can anyone tell me if this one is real then? Yes they're from ebay
  5. Please post any authenticity questions in the Authenticate THis! sticky provided. We'll need actual links to the auctions though.

    That first one could be real, it doesn't look like a NM or Chanel hangtag, it could be something the Seller attached themselves.
  6. Hmm last time I check the Vegas Chanel had similar styles on sale so...depending on how much their asking for you should check out the sales at Chanel because that style may still be around (in pink)