Can anyone help me identify this Epi?

  1. I saw a really charming epi today, but i can't find it ANYWHERE online!

    It was gray, smallish and was shaped sort of like the segur pm except without the silver catch on the front. the sides of the bag's flap had a little dip too, so it was slightly skinnier where it curves over.

    Hahah sorry this is so random! I just noticed it today sitting beside a lady and thought it was a nice shape, shoulda asked!
  2. i cant think of anything that looks like that. maybe it was a fake.
  3. Did it look like this?

  4. YES YES YES! So cute!
    Who is she?! :nuts:
  5. It's (or was! ;)) the Epi Nocturne GM & PM.

    GM - M52172 - 12" x 6" x 5"
    PM - M52182 - 10.5" x 5" x 4"

    I believe that it released in '99 and was available until '04 (PM) and '05 (GM).

    Was released in four colors - Lilac (the one shown here), Black, Moka and Vanilla - but I've only ever seen ones in Lilac or Black - never seen Moka or Vanilla!

    Price at launch - PM $635 - GM $785
    GM - 2001 = $750, 2002 = $740, 2005 = $1,060
    PM - 2002 = $615.

    To cap it all for you - :tup: - there's one on eBay from a trusted seller of authentics!

    LV Nocturne :yahoo:


  6. Ohhh thank you thank you thank you!!! :heart: I'm going to try and track down a lilac, I think that must have been the color I saw!
  7. It is a really cute bag! Good luck!