Can anyone help me identify this bag?

  1. Hi ladies :smile: I'm new to the forums but I :heart: it already. But here's my problem: Last weekend dh and I were in Austin for a concert and we were doing a bit of shopping. I stopped in the Coach store in the Barton Creek mall for just a second and saw the most wonderful bag. It was the signature fabric with dark brown leather trim. It had longer straps and it was pretty big. I know my discription is vauge but I can't even find it on the coach website. Any help at all will be appreciated. Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Was the trim noticeably brown, or could it be easily mistaken for black? Did it have a turnlock anywhere on it?

    The answers to those two questions can at least narrow it down to whether it was from the Legacy collection or not.
  3. was it a cross body bag?
  4. The trim was a light but not tan brown and it wasn't part of the legacy collection. It was $300-ish if that helps any. I called the store and tried to describe it and the girl said maybe I was thinking of the Soho Signature Satchel but I looked at it on eBay and it didn't seem to be the same bag. Thanks for the help so far :smile:
  5. large carryall?
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