Can anyone help me identify this bag from a description?

  1. I know it's hard since I don't have any pics, but to have pics I'd have to know the name of the bag or designer to look it up. I remember seeing the ad in a magazine quite awhile ago, maybe it was in Vogue? Anyway the bag was this really light lilac color, maybe with a faint hint of mauve, and the pattern looked very quilted (like it was made out of quilt; I don't think it was leather, tho' the handles may have been), and the model (can't remember what she was wearing, if anything) was holding the bag as if it was a much-beloved stuffed animal, and it looked just that comfy and made you want to reach out and touch it and squeeze it. I think the handles were braided, and they came down to attach to the bag with kind of rounded ends. It was mid-size to large, but not huge. The shape wasn't round or square, it was elongated with rounded ends, and I believe there was a dip in the middle where the handles met the bag, so that the ends looked more poofy than the middle.

    I'm sorry if that's a terrible description, but I can't for the life of me remember which designer it was from. Hopefully someone here might remember the ad and know what I'm talking about.
  2. do you remember the brand?
  3. If I remembered the brand, I could look it up and maybe find a picture, but unfortunately all I remember is the ad, which was really striking. It's like how you can remember faces sometimes but not names. Thanks for posting, though, any help is appreciated.
  4. The only one that comes to mind right now is the dior girly, but it´s prolly not this you mean:lol: I`ll keep looking!
  5. Could it be a Miu Miu? Some examples, with a different colour of course.
    miu018w-rr1319_p.jpg miu034w-rr130v_p.jpg
  6. Thanks for posting pics! But no, I don't think it's either of those. Actually, since I've been poking around this site (I am kinda new here) I've determined that it looks the most like a different version of the Fendi Spy. It's shaped the same, and the handles are the same and everything. It's just that the bag itself isn't leather, but some fluffy quilted soft-looking number that looks like it's just aching to be loved and held. I know most of you would probably have known what it was on sight but I am a beginner here at best.
  7. well, there are spy bags that arent made of leathe i.e. fur,velvet,canvas?
  8. Oh I though you meant a Spy but couldn´t remember a quilted one. Would you happen to mean this one? This was the only lilac one I could find.
  9. Are you talking about this Tulle Spy? Your description sounds like this exact picture.
  10. Oh yeah! I think that´s exactly what she means!
  11. Yes! It was the Tulle Spy! Thank you so much! I've been trying to find out what that bag was for ages. The help and picture are much appreciated! :yes:
  12. Glad you could figure out which bag it was. :yes: I like these mystery bag questions lol.

  13. Wow, girl, you're good! :nuts: