can anyone help me id this bag and where to buy?

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  1. i'm new to prada so i'm sorry if this is a nobrainer...what is the name of this bag that Kim K is carrying and where can i get it? price? thanks so much
  2. It's a gauffre, but I'm no expert on gauffres, so I'm not sure which particular one. You can get one from just about any Prada store or department store - they're bound to carry them since it's a very popular style. I think the boots are Miu Miu.
  3. One of my most favorite Gaufre style! It's style #BN1336 and retails for $2650.

    Bluefly has the black one at 20% off retail:

    BG has the camel color at reg price:

    And if you go to e(vil)bay, there are some from a tPFer and Italy Station, which I believe is an authentic reseller of Pradas.

    Good luck with your search!
  4. I love Gauffre. That is the Prada style I love the most. There are other Gauffre styles as well, such as bowler, messenger, satchel, tote & etc in different colors. Good luck to your Gauffre hunting!
  5. I love that. And her boots too!!
  6. Oh silly me, aren't those boots Gucci instead of Miu Miu? I got confused because of the gold metal thing (which Miu Miu did a few seasons ago)