Can anyone help me find this?!

  1. Over the weekend I was shopping on Robson and this girl half a block away caught my eye. I'm a huge denim junkie, but I wasn't wearing my glasses so I couldn't see the pockets.

    They were a dark denim overall. They were tight fitted and they looked so cute. But I have NO IDEA what brand they are. I was thinking Parasuco's because the pockets didn't have any distinct trademarks - but I can't be sure.

    Just looking to see if anyone has went shopping anytime in the last little bit and may have stumbled across a pair of dark denim overalls and if you can let me know where you saw them/what brand so I can get moving on tracking them down.

    It was too bad that she was too far and I couldn't just ask her.

    Oh and they were full legged - so not shorts. Thanks!:biggrin:

    Thanks everyone!