Can anyone help me find this please!!??

  1. HI,

    I am trying desperately to find a Marc by Marc bag that I sadly missed out on during the California storms a few weeks ago. I know if anyone can sniff out a bag you ladies can!!

    It can be seen at

    The color I really wanted was a beautiful rose color (code#31247) I originally saw it at Nordies but its gone now!! I have called all the Nordies near me of course, checked other stores, surfed the net.......

    Its called either the Lovely Aline Leather Tote (it's really a satchel) or the Aline Lovely........they seem to reverse the name sometimes. Its a double handed satchel with a pocket in front and a Marc by Marc silver botton logo on the front pocket. It also has pockets at either end of the bag. It is 16x10.

    It seems to be available in a color they call poppy and then this shade of red in the picture which is really hard to know just by photo what color it really is. I really, really want the ROSE!!!!!! I have been calling and searching the net.......any ideas??

    I live in So. CA if that helps. Thanks soooooooooo much for any help!!! giselle