Can anyone help me find this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag?

  1. Ok, so I was at Neiman Marcus today and I fell in love with a Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel bag for $298.

    The saleslady told me that they only had the one bag (and no dustbag) and to look it over for blemishes. I found a spot and she could'nt get it out!!
    I didn't buy the bag because of that, figuring I could find one online to order. Now I can't find it online!!

    They had the small one for 298 and a larger one for 4-something sitting together. The bag didn't look like it could be carried on the shoulder. It was white/off white. The bag lining was flowery-type. The bag closed with a magnetic snap in the front - no zipper closure.

    Oh, and it had the marc jacobs lettering on the bag sort of like this one.
    MARC by Marc Jacobs -  Faridah Hobo -  Neiman Marcus
  2. ^ My thoughts exactly. Plus Zappos has free overnight shipping and return shipping. I hope you found it!
  3. Yes!! Thank you so much!! Nordstrom, Neiman,, none of them had it. On Zappo's it said that they only had one left in that size, looks like I got it!! Thanks again. :yes:
  4. No prob! Always glad to help other PF'ers find their bags. :biggrin: Do post pics of it when it arrives.
  5. I was right, it was the last one!! It's gone now (on!! :nuts:

    I wonder why this bag was so popular? Neiman M. said they've only had it for a week and a half and they only had the one left.

    Maybe the price? It seemed like the other bags, on Zappos at least, were $50 more, at least.

    Should get it today, it was an hour and a half away last check.
  6. Please post pics when you receive! Glad that you found your bag. Love TPF!:yahoo:
  7. So, I opened my box and examined the bag only to find a pen mark!! :crybaby:

    It just is unfortunate because I could have bought the bag at the store with a smaller mark on it. (although I would have paid about $15 more for the bag with tax).
  8. Oh no! That sucks! Are you going to keep it or ask for a discount?
  9. Thank you for the link. I still haven't decided whether I am just going to keep that one. I took all of the tissue paper off of the hardware but the tags are still attached. Do I feel like dealing with the inconvienence??:shrugs:
  10. I guess it really depends on how much the pen mark bothers you. Or you could always other from and check out the bag first to make sure its flawless before you decide on returning the one with a pen mark to zappos. Just my thought. :smile:
  11. Personally, I'd definitely ask for a discount at least lol
  12. So after missing my chance to order the luxy satchel elsewhere I decided to just send it back and not settle for the penmark.

    The other bag I chose instead holds just about as much and is $50 less expensive.

    My new Softy Baby Beelie in Chalk.

    On a side note, does Zappos remove bags from your view that you have already purchased. It is not showing me the bag in that color anymore. Sold out already, perhaps??
  13. ^ OMG! that bag is DARLING!!!! good choice!

    and i think the bag is just sold out