Can anyone help me find this Isabella Fiore purse?

  1. So...I went to Off Saks today, and I saw this GORGEOUS Isabella Fiore handbag. (Well, I thought it was....and I'm very bohemian chic, so it totally fit with my style) was mustard yellow, small hobo style, zipper on top, all leather.

    It had big brass studs that connected leather flowers/stars to it. (I promise not in a tacky way, but I don't know how to better describe it!) It was priced at $265. So pretty.

    I didn't buy it because I was with a friend that things spending more than $25 on a purse is extravagant, and she made me feel guilty.

    I thought that I could just come home and find it on eBay or some other bag shop, and I can't find it anywhere.

    Sigh, I would go back, but it's about an hour away.

    Can anyone help me?
  2. have it charge sent to you
  3. Ohhh....yeah! It is! Thanks!

    How would you have it charge sent to you?
  4. I think Claudia is saying that maybe you could call the store, have them charge it and send it to you... It's certainly worth a try. :smile: