Can anyone help me find this Burberry Bag ?

  1. This is like my fiancee's dream bag. I would love to get it for him and spoil him with it but haven't been able to find it anywhere online. Any help would be appreciated muchly. I think if I get him this bag we will FINALLY agree on a wedding date ! :lol:
    It retails for $550 I think. But its either out of stock or unavailable from where I've been looking.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Where are you located? If you're in Southern California, there's a Burberry store at the Costa Mesa mall and I saw it there this weekend when I went in to browse other things. If you're not close by, give the store a call to see if they'll mail it out to you.
  3. I am in Australia. I will keep that in mind - thankyou - but if anyone knows where I could get it online it would make things easier.

    Thanks all.
  4. I just spoke to Neiman Marcus and they said it was on back order indefinitely ?? I don't even know what that means. SO confused. If anyone sees this bag anywhere please post here. I am so desperate !
  5. Bump still looking. Has anybody seen it in the San Jose area ?
  6. I just came back from the mall a few hours ago and they still have this in the South Coast Plaza mall. Maybe you can visit your local Burberry store and ask if they'll send it from this location to yours.
  7. Thanks awesome. Is South Coast Plaza mall in California ? Sorry I'm not from the US so you'll have to explain it to be a bit.

    Thanks so much !

    Do you happen to see the price ?

  8. Oh sorry, yes, South Coast Plaza mall is in Southern California. San Jose is north of us but I'm not familiar with areas north of us so I don't know if another Burberry store closer to San Jose might have it.

    I didn't look at the price. There were purses that caught my eye where I did look at the prices but not this one. :sad:
  9. Thanks for that.
  10. Hey novablue, are you sure it was the first bag you saw and not this newer version without the leather embossed logo

    Not doubting you here, just wanted to double check before I made enquiries :smile:. I want the one with the embossed leather and I really hope that's the one you saw. Thankyou so much for replying by the way.
  11. I just called South Coast Mall and they don't have the one I'm after. :sad:

    Anyone else seen it ? Someone please help !
  12. very nice bag..!!!