Can anyone help me find this bag?

  1. I'm not a D&G expert, but I think it's fake!
  2. I don't know if that is real or fake, but I saw lots and lots of those types of bags on Canal St. in NYC. There are a lot of fake D&G's right now.
  3. It looks like she stole two of her photos from a different seller... The last two photos are a completely different picture quality than the first few... Plus.. why would she take the first 4 photos on her sofa.. and then for the last 2, she uses some ornate looking stand thing to hang it off of.

    I dunno why I pick up on weird details like that..
    Maybe it's better you lost this auction, cause I'm leaning towards fake!!
  4. Thanks all! After looking at things closer, I believe you are all correct.

    I still love the look.....maybe I'll run into a real one someday.

    Again, thanks for the help!