Can anyone help me find the YSL croco Tribute?

  1. Went to Neiman Marcus today to buy the large tote and the SA told me they were sold out. I had my hands on it three weeks ago and had to leave as my 3 year old and one year old were not cooperating. I think their father put them up to it! Would appreciate if anyone could tell me if they have seen one lately. Oh, and the SA tried to sell me the Overseas bag. Any thoughts on this bag?

  2. There was a thread on this previously...I think it was Cosmo who said that none of the dept. stores received the large Tribute, just the medium. I'd check with a YSL boutique! Good luck.

    I haven't seen the Overseas in person so can't comment.
  3. My boyfriend is an SA at Saks. His email is