Can anyone help me find an old ball in limo and nero?

  1. Before I break out the old credit card and order a new classic ball from the bv store, can anyone help me find a gently used or new discounted limo or nero.

    I do not like ordering from eBay, it just makes me so, so nervous. However, If you recognize sellers and know for a fact that they are legite, I would possibly go that route.

    I would love to be able to save the bucks and truly blew it when I could have ordered at 20% off with the Susan B. Koman fundraiser in CA a few weeks back. Oh well, you win some and lose some. DH was adamant at the time and it took me a long time to negotiate :smile:. I now have the green light but I am fraught with guilt about paying full price.

    I appreciate your help finding the bags.
  2. I saw a nero old ball bag at the Dallas BV store, but I don't think that it was on sale -- it wasn't in the back of the store with all the other sale bags. However, another poster mentioned in another thread that their SA (in what I assume is a different BV store) told them it was on sale. It doesn't hurt to call and ask!

    Good luck!
  3. hi bags'rus, i just spotted discounted (20% off) new balls in noce and limo on bluefly.
  4. Armcandy, as soon as I saw your post I went to Bluefly.

    Is the brown new ball they have listed really noce?

    I did not see the limo. Is it possible I am missing it, because they are calling it a different color? What page is it on?

    You are so SWEET to let me know. Many thanks....