Can anyone help me find a particular Fendi bag?

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  1. I am looking for a bag that I saw recently. It was a Fendi large tote shape bag. Black, and very soft - like velvet, probably pony hair. I have seen bags that look like it online called a few different things - Fendi Selleria, Horse Tote, and Villa Borghese. I have found fake ones in brown and in black leather. I am not looking for a fake, and I really want the pony hair version. Does anyone know which bag I am talking about? I'm desperate!!!
  2. do you have a picture of it? It sounds familiar and I'm sure I've seen them on ebay. Have you tried saksfifthavenue?
  3. I did try Saks, no luck. Here is the only picture that I can find for it - these are the brown versions, as I mentioned, I am looking for the black pony hair version.

    I don't know how to post pics, sorry!

    Any help would be SO appreciated, thanks for your reply!!!
  4. I think the shape you're looking for is the Bag Du Jour. I've seen a couple online, though I'm not sure if they are in the leather you want.
  5. The closest I could find was the tiger print from Styledrops:
    Fendi handbags
  6. hi i just a bought a fendi bag at the Barneys at woodbury common outlet mall tat exactly like ur description but it was thier last piece.
  7. Selleria - can you post a picture? I have seen the Selleria Borghese/equestrian bag in black Velvet, but not in horsehair....:wtf: