Can anyone help me find a dustbag?

  1. Well, I thought this would not be hard, but it is turning out to be....

    I am hoping to find a dustbag for my is 40 CM, so the dustbag for the 40m cm birkin would do for sure...The poor dear is in a pillowcase. Its a nice one, but I think she is a little sad about it...


    I thought there was a seller who often had these available, but I have been through all of my favorite sellers and cannot find it...

    Can anyone clue me in on a seller or reseller who has these? I feel that I have seen them????:confused1:

    I know that I would likely get one if I sent her to the spa....
    but I cant bear to part with her!! And really, she doesnt need to go...

    Thank you in advance.:heart:
  2. Be really careful if you buy a dust bag on e-bay from someone you don't know (about).
    I saw one for sale and I thought I could use it for a vintage bag. I checked what the seller also had listed and he was selling fake H bags. I bet the dust bag was fake too. I would hate to send my bag in to the spa and have them ask where I got it's bag.:confused1:
  3. ^thanks for the heads up!!

    ...I thought I had seen them from one of our recommended sellers, but when I looked, i could not find any....I feel like i am in the twilight zone because I always saw them when I didnt need one!! poor whitebus!
  4. Hi Luce,
    you should have come to the source of all sources! I have one with your name on it. Will send it to you. Ethel.
  5. ^^Yay! Whitebus has a H sleepy bag now :happydance:. Thanks to HC!
  6. LOL, Of course I should have known that the floopy floopster would have something up her couture sleeves!!

    Thank you Ethel, a friend in need is a friend indeed!!

    WB sends kisses to you and all her exotic cousins (especially the shoes!)
    A thousand thanks!!

  7. How sweet -- you got one!