Can anyone help me decipher this Chloe color?

  1. I have been looking for a black paddy and from what I understand, they made a charcoal grey/muted black for spring.

    Has anyone ever seen this color IN PERSON? I looked on Aloha Rag's website and it's just too hard to tell. It looks black to me?

    Can anyone help me get an idea what this color really looks like?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Oooh, I hear it gets very tricky if it's not the black-black but those noirs and greys and such.....! You DO need help!
  3. Roo,
    I have seen it in person, my sister has it in the zippy. It's dark dark grey.
  4. Yep, blugenie, I need help. Serious mental help. :P

    Seriously though, I am trying to decide if I should just wait for true black in the fall? That's why I need some input...
  5. Roo, I have seen it too. It is a definite grey (very dark, but you won't mistake it for black).
  6. Wait for the true black if that is what you really want. The dark dark grey isn't gonna do it for you. Here is another picture of that color ebay 6885108601.
  7. I had this at some point but had to return it because the zippers were defective. The tag said the color was noir. It's a dark charcoal, definitely not black.
  8. Roo, It is not a true black. Wait if you would like a black/black...

    This is not the best photo, but you get a sense of the color comparisons (black zippy and noir zippy)...there are better photos back on a thread...somewhere...
    Chloe New 005.jpg
  9. Ahhh, thank you ladies!! And So Cal!!! That is what I was wondering about. I actually like them BOTH!!!!!

  10. I think the current black (or dark grey) with the grey stitching and a distressed silver lock would be gorgeous. I am not sure what I think of the new black lock yet. I think Roz has a black one up now. The side shot shows its true potential.
  11. I definitely don't want black on black. I'd prefer black w/the gold. The silver is OK but it looks to shiny and "tin-y" to me in person.
  12. I looked at the photos again and I def. like the black better than the charcoal.

    chicbags- will Chloe be making the straight black with black hardware or will they be making gold and BLACK both?

    Also- are the legit paddys listed on eBay now really black or are they charcoal?
  13. looks like theyve got a black coming out for fall with the regular gold hardware if I remember correctly when I saw the lookbook today.
  14. This is dark grey
  15. Personally, i think the dark grey black give me more distress feeling and age better and more special than the black/black, i think the black/black color is too heavy color but some people may really like a really really true black color, i think chloe has black/grey SS06 with grey stitch with gold hardward, black/black with grey stitch with gold hardware, and black/back with black stitch with gold hardware and they all called noir, i am very picky on black color, i want to pick the perfect noir that i really want so it takes me a very long time to fig out and bought them to compare, i perosonally have saw all 3 above then finally pick the black/grey one, i even called the Chloe store in NY and there is another close to black color called non-metallic Anthracite color, she told me is greyhish-blue dark enough close to black but i didn't see this one so i don't know how close is like the black/grey noir one. And later this fall, chloe has a black with black lock too