Can anyone help me decide please?

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  1. I am new to Mulberry. I bought a Mulberry Cara D bag a few months ago. Within 2 weeks of using it, all the stitching on the bottom 4 corners of the bag came undone. I sent it back thinking they would repair it and return it, but instead they kept it and credit my credit card. That was nice, but I thought I really liked this bag. Sure it was heavy, but that is what I like about the Bayswater and the Cara in NVT.
    Now my dilemma is, I STILL want a Mulberry bag and it is between the Cara D. bag and the Bayswater. I definitely want the color oxblood and the NVT leather.
    Can you please help me choose which one? I am looking for an everyday bag.
  2. They are so different as bags, this is a tricky one. I really like both. I guess I would recommend you try a Bayswater but only if you are sure you won't miss the back pack straps....

    Maybe get to a store and try both on. Good luck choosing. :cool:
  3. I am not anywhere near a store, so I will need to order. I have ordered both before so I could see which one I wanted. I ALMOST kept both, but went with the Cara. It was a hard decision and I am still on the fence about I was hoping if anyone has had both or one or the other could give me the pros and cons of each. What a decision:winkiss:
  4. I have both - bayswater in oak NVT and Cara in quilted nappa. Both are quite heavy to carry but bayswater is more classic. Cara is more versatile. Having said that my Cara is still unused in the dust bag! Can't bring myself to sell it though. The oxblood is beautiful and would probably go for the bayswater if I had to choose between them!
  5. I have both too, black printed bays and camo blue large cara. Not sure I'm going to be much help as I love them both.

    The bays is classic mulberry where as the cara is a newer design. Weight wise I find them similar, my cara is probably slightly lighter as it is goat leather but not enough to make a huge difference between them. They hold similar amounts too.

    I think the only difference is the classic shape versus a newer younger model. Good luck with which you choose.

    Saying all that though personally I wouldn't have bought the Cara if I didn't already have a Bayswater. The bays for me would have come first xx
  6. I have both - a medium cara in oak NVT and then two bays one graphite and one QG. I love both of them, the cara is much easier to carry around due to the back straps and I wear it as a back pack or slung over one shoulder, although I find the buckle on the handles a nuisance.

    The graphite bays I use every day (I'm scared of oak in the rain despite coatings of collonil) for work, it always looks so classy and goes with every outfit, and I love how with time they start to go slouchy. The bays can be worn easily with both casual and formal outfits, but I find the cara lends itself more to casual outfits. i think this is due to the shape and straps, and with the straps being canvas again this is more of a casual element.

    If I didn't have either, I'd buy a bays first then a cara.
  7. I'm thinking the real only question you have to answer is, backpack versus shoulder carry.

    If you cannot live without the ability to carry on your back /across the body etc, it's the Cara you need, But, if you can see a shoulder bag being more useful I'd go Bayswater.

    Only you know what you'll use it for.

    I have both but tend to use them on completely different types days. Bayswater is more my work bag, Cara is my weekend bag when I'm out with the kids and need hands free.

    Hope that helps you more. :biggrin:
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