Can anyone help me decide between these two Gucci bags?

  1. Having lusted after one for ages; I plan to buy a Gucci this weekend!!

    I am going to get it in chocolate Guccissima leather, and I have narrowed my selection down to the 'princy' large hobo and the 'creole' medium hobo.

    The largest thing I carry about is a slim A4 folder/file/notebook, and I'd like that to fit into the bag!

    I need help with my decision! So... generally, which one of these bags do you like more and why?

  2. I personally prefer the shape of the princey... :yes:
  3. Thanks, I'm still undecided!:heart: I DO like the shape of the princey too though.
  4. Princey :yes:
  5. I gotta go with the Princey!
  6. i second princy...:smile: or was that like 5ths? hehe
  7. I guess I'm the odd man out, so to speak .... I prefer the creole. It's a more classic shape IMO.
  8. I like the creole hobo better!!!

    the princy one is nice, but the creole's shape is more attractive imo. Im a huuuge fan of the choco guccissima. :yes:
  9. I will go for creole medium hobo.
  10. I like the creole one better!
  11. i prefer the princey!! :smile:
  12. I love's classic!
  13. I'm going to vote Princy even though I like both styles.. One of my friends had the monogram bag in the other style and I remember the opening was kind of tight. I like it to be more flexible.