Can anyone help me authenticate this Loewe bag on ebay?

  1. That's kinda what i was thinking too, especially after I found a few more of the nappa aire bags going for $1400+...oh well. I'll just drool on those.
  2. Thanks to the ladies in the Chanel forum, I am almost doubly positive it's fake- they looked at one of this person's other auctions for a Chanel and confirmed it too was a fake.

    I love this forum.

    And for those who are probably wondering why a newbie is posting so much, I'm not usually like this- just having a really boring day at work, and the forum I admin (which is a car board of all things) is really quiet this afternoon.
  3. It is not authentic. I have two Napa Aires myself. They cost around US$1600 retail.

    Re: this eBay auction:
    - I don't think Loewe ever released this color
    - The inner zipper is all wrong - the leather wound around it has stitching but the authentic one does not. It is hung on a "ring" in the pic but it hangs directly off the zipper on mine.
    - Authentic Loewe bags do not have white tags hanging off them ...
    - The inner material does not look right .... it is supposed to be a chocolate brown with light brown/yellow Loewe words
    - The handles do not look right as well - it's too thin and the stitching too far apart.

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  4. I don't know why but for some strange reason, this range of bags really have a lot of fakes going around eBay. Whoever is interested in buying, please do their homework first. I have also seen alot of the 160th anniversary bags on Ebay. I have reported quite a no of them.
  5. Did anyone see this link? I am very certain it is a fake but why isn't ebay doing anything about it? This seller has like so many "Limited Edition' to sell? I mean if he /she has so many to sell in the 1st place, perhaps it is not the real deal and why doesn't the seller show the inside of the bags? This is driving me crazy. Perhaps we need more people to report to ebay about this seller. Can some one please help?
  6. This is great advice! Thanks for sharing. I've been looking at the Napa Aires, too. They are beautiful bags!