can anyone help me authenticate this Dooney & Bourke

  1. I have this purse / backpack by Dooney and Bourke and have searched endlessly and to no avail for information on authenticating it. I could really use some assistance as I believed it to be real and so I listed it for sale, but now I'm not sure. If I can't authenticate it I will end the auction. I don't want to be sold fake mechandise and I don't want to be selling it.




    The photos look really bad because I had to shrink them for this post. There are no tags inside, but I have read that the older bags did not have them and that some of the newer ones no longer do either. the duck is sewn on not glued.
  2. To get better help, you should upload the original photos to Imageshack, which can handle fairly large photos. Then paste the links into your post.
  3. In case you didn't get your help yet, Inside the Dooney you will see a tag. This tag it is white with red trim (very small and cloth) It says, Dooney & Bourke, INC Made in the USA. Based on the way your purse looks, it is not really a vintage so the tag should be in place.

    If the tag is not there, then it is probably a fake.
  4. still can barely see the photos, theyre so small