Can anyone help identify the names of these outlet buys?

  1. I attached the pics, I took them in a hurry so sorry for the bad quality! Anyway, I purchased the wallet and lanyard about 3 weeks ago at the outlet in Hilton Head, SC.
    The wallet was about $60 and the lanyard was $12. The wallet is chocolate brown sig. and the lanyard is kinda a pony-ish fur fabric. The receipt rung it up as zebra print but that's about all I know.
    I was just wondering if anyone knew the names of these so I know what to call them in posts, haha.
    SUC50001.JPG SUC50002.JPG SUC50003.JPG SUC50005.JPG
  2. Hamptons mini wallet (I think) and I haven't seen that key fob! But it's CUTE!
  3. That's either a mini wallet or multi-function wallet....does it have CC slots or is it open on the inside?
  4. Jayhawkgirl is correct...that is a Signature Hamptons Wallet. Don't know about the does look like pony hair...Pony Heart??