Can anyone help ID this color?

  1. For my sister, in her relentless persuit of a Bbag. Hopefully I can get her to join here soon so I don't have to be her go-between! She says all us "Balenciagians" intimidate her :p

    tag 002.jpg tag 004.jpg
  2. caramel is my best guess...
  3. ^^ That's what I thought too. From '05, right?
  4. looks like anis or origan to me, but I can only see pics of the tags, can you post pics of the bag itself?
  5. I think the only other one she sent is a swatch from the back of the bag... here we go:
  6. yeah 05 caramel is my best bet
  7. Yeah, I thought of Anis when I first saw it too. It has a olivey yellow cast to it.
  8. It looks too olive to be anis, looks like Olive or caramel to me....
  9. i think either origan, and then possibly caramel but it kinda has an olive cast to it?
  10. I think I know which bag you're talking about, and in that case - in my opinion it is the '05 caramel.
  11. Thanks guys... I have sent my sister to ateliernaff and a few other places so she can do her research. Mimz I'm not sure where this bag is-- she just said it was online and she liked the color and wants one like it. Knowing her it's probably Ioffer for $40 :p But I love her and want her to be happy, so thanks all for humoring us both! :flowers:
  12. If Mimz thinks she knows which bag it is and says it's the '05 caramel, then I don't think it's fake....cuz if it was, she would say so... ;)
  13. oh, I mean - I wasn't commenting on authenticity, because I don't know if it is really the bag I'm thinking of! :lol: it just looks like the '05 caramel to me. That's all.
  14. TTucker-girl, i'm 99% sure that color is origan (light olive) from s/s '06, 'cause i've got 2 of them now (miss origan courier & miss origan work) :tender:...i don't have a picture of the work yet, but here's my courier :heart:
  15. I have an 05 caramel is a pic so you can compare the colors.