Can anyone help find this Prada purse??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am on the hunt for a purse for my friend and so far I have only semi-vagues description and thought maybe someone on here might be able to shed some light. Ok, it is a medium sized Prada bag that has both croc and suede on it. She said it has the croc on the sides and down the middle she thought. It also has two short handles and the metal triangle logo on it. Also, she said she thinks it either has a buckle or a magnet snap inside. Similar to this classifieds : PRADA BAG SATCHEL PURSE HANDBAG TOTE - BRAND NEW for sale in New York (22CDJN) (i know this is prob fake but just to get a visual idea) and it has the 2 straps.

    I know this is totally vague but if anyone has ANY idea what bag this could be please let me know :smile: Thanks so much in advance!!
  2. It might actually have a zipper... she is not sure about the closure.
  3. I'll movve this to the Prada Forum for you . . .
  4. Can anyone help??