can anyone help find a pic?

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  1. wonderful dh bought me a new computer for my birthday - it's super nice but i'm a technaphobe, so it's a little intimidating (he thought i'd be jumping up and down - it's very practical and i needed it, but it doesn't have gold hardware, kwim;) ).
    anyway, first things first - i need some wallpaper for the background. does anyone have or know where i could find a picture of a 28 black kelly (preferably in togo or clemence) with gold hardware? i found a 32 of a different leather on a japanese web site but it was part of a larger picture showing all the details, and i just want one head-on shot. can anyone help?:heart: i would be in heaven looking at that all day. :love:
  2. 28 Kelly ...

    from Loire Boutique
  3. a HUGE thanks to rainrowan and flossyfigaro for helping me out. my new computer is now a happy shrine!
  4. What a great group! Glad they could help you!
  5. for sure. might not have a kelly, but i've got the PF!!! :flowers:
  6. As I wait for my Kelly to arrive, Im looking at the pic of the Kelly in this thread,and I can't help thinking that I prefered Kellys without the two rings thay have added in recent years for the strap...pitty. Oh well, just a thought...:sad:
  7. Duna.....there's a 32cm Black Kelly without the two rings you're talking about in Gulliver leather on the Jemznjewels web-site. The bag is about 10-years old but in GREAT shape as far as I could tell. It's very pretty.....
  8. i think they look very clean without the rings, and i'm sure there will be a few on the market eventually when they're resold, since it's a new addition, but i bet they are practical, and if you use the shoulder strap, i bet they make it more comfortable and convenient and probably protect the leather on the handle too.
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