can anyone help and identify this purse???


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Feb 4, 2009
Can anyone identify this purse???
I am unable to copy a picture of this purse - so I'm wondering if anyone is up to the challenge of checking out the commerical on the and look up the commerical on one of the pull downs under "help and information" there is a commercial. At the end of the commerical is a purse with a catalog inside it for the cabinets. I contacted KraftMaid and they told me it was a Dooney and Bourke. I contacted DB and they said it was not thiers. Is there a purse sleuth out there that can tell me what kind of purse it is and the purse name? I thought Jimmy Choo, but searching and searching can't quite match it. Someone has to know! I just love this bag - thanks for any help! KT:idea: