Can anyone help a Hermes newbie confirm a color?

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  1. I'd really like to find a bamboo Evelyne for a decent price. I found a listing and the seller is claiming it's bamboo, but I think it might be menthe. They're saying the date stamp is a P, which I guess is 2012. Is it right that bamboo wasn't released in 2012, therefore, this bag would more likely be menthe?

    Here's the bag...

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  2. i think it menthe, it has more creamy tone compared to bamboo. however, bamboo came right after menthe so there is an overlap on the time frame. i had bamboo in togo, so can not speak for clemence which this evelyne is made from
  3. Looks like menthe...and a P date stamp sounds right for a menthe colour bag...and correct for a 2012 year 😊
  4. I'm not an expert but that looks more menthe to me. Bamboo is stronger, brighter and has more pop. Menthe seems a tad softer.
  5. It looks like menthe but pictures can be deceiving. Does the seller have a receipt with the color on it or better pictures???
  6. Also, menthe has brown resin whereas bamboo has black 😉 so check the resin colour! 😊
  7. Thank you all so much for the help!

    It's a Japanese reseller. No receipt is provided in the listing. There are 8 images and I kind of do feel it looks more menthe than bamboo but it's so hard to tell in photos.

    I assume resin is like glazing for LV products? That's really helpful to know that these two colors have different colored resin/glazing! It definitely looks brown to me so I guess it must be menthe!

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  8. Looks menthe from my screen
  9. Based on the google search of the picture, they all state menthe
  10. Yep 😊 This one looks brown!
    I love menthe and would love a bag in it 💚
  11. Menthe
  12. Definitely menthe! In my humble opinion....owning a few items in both menthe and bambou.....I think menthe is the clear winner! They are very similar in real life, so if you like this menthe evie, I say scoop it up and give it a good home!
  13. I love this forum. You ladies and gents are true H experts!
  14. I messaged the seller and they changed the listing to menthe. They acknowledged that bamboo didn't come out until 2014 so indeed their bag was menthe.
  15. It's so hard without being able to see them in person! I've been so drawn to the tone and shade of bamboo from photos. I'm not sure I would love the mintyness of menthe as much but maybe I would?! Do you have good comparison photos you could show me? Pretty please.