Can anyone give some info about these MJ shoes?

  1. like what year of collection are they from and the material thank you!!

  2. i don't know about those particular shoes' materials, but the collection is from f/w 2005.
    i almost bought a pair of the flat version of those, but they were velvet with the python trimmings/rosettes (also i was not 100% sure if it was real python... it was in ca so my gumptions would say no but the company i work for ignores the exotics laws so you never know...), but i ended up getting two other pairs from that season so i decided against them..
  3. I think they are lame (kind of cloth material) and the trimming is python. they have them still on yoox on sale.
  4. I have almost the same pair! I absolutely :heart: these, they look much nicer in person! Here's a pic of mine (and these are the velvet and maaybe real python trim ones):

    MJ Shoes 02.JPG