Can anyone give me the style # for Multistripe swing pack?

  1. I wanted to order it in the store, one store told me they could, went to another and they tried and it said it was out of stock :cursing:

    I really wanted that! I know my Macy's has it, but I wanted to use my PCE on it. I know not much off, but since I don't need ot buy another purse, this is how I justify it ;)

    So I thought I could call tomorrow and just "double check" since everyone seems to get a different answer all the time.

    Thank you!!

  2. Anyone??? Please?
  3. Since they went to outlets, you'll have a tough time getting it. The style number is 10864
  4. Thank you! How long ago did they go, do you know? I know I just recently saw them in my Coach store.

    My store said they might get a few in this week - not sure why because I know she said that none of the stores had them anymore.

    Thanks again!

  5. OP, call Coach with this style number and see if they have it, but I agree, since it was pulled it may not be able to be ordered.
  6. They went to the outlets almost a month ago. I don't know why your store would have it in stock. You are talking about the signature multicolor stripe aren't you?
  7. Actually the signature multi-stripe didn't go to outlets-- it was pulled back to JAX and consolidated into certain stores (fashion stores and stores where it sold well. this is according to my manager). I'm pretty sure you can still get it from JAX.
  8. ours went to the outlet in Branson, MI :confused1: