Can anyone give me more information on this bag?

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  1. after my horrible experience with my allumino bow bag which i back to miu miu!

    I have a miu miu shoulder bag on hold for me at Saks for the EGC's $1050..with $100 EGC on Aug 21st

    it has the following characteristics:
    1) color = sapphire (sp?)
    2) flat shoulder handles
    3) has a bow on one side (more like a knot)
    4) medium sized
    5) was available in graphite too
    6) ruffled top opening
    7) snap top opening
    8) purple interior lining

    i can't seem to find the name of the bag nor do i see pictures online! it should be of the current collection based on the color and i want to know pros and cons of the bag before i decide to get it or not!

    i'd be grateful if anyone could tell me the name of the bag! thanks!
  2. The only thing I can think of is the Miu Miu Peggy bag. It's from a couple of seasons ago, i think. It has the flat shoulder handles, a "bow" on one side, ruffled/drawstring opening and snap top.

    I'm not sure if Miu Miu brought the style back (or some remake of it) for the current season - I haven't seen anything close to it recently. Maybe another tPFer here who has recently browsed through Miu Miu and/or department stores can help you. It would also help if your SA can take a peek of the style card and at least give you specific information on the bag so you know what to expect.

    I attached a link of the Peggy bag for you to see anyway. I saw one IRL a long while back, and I thought it was beautiful. It was the first "bow" bag I saw and liked.

    Good luck!
  3. wow now i want that peggy bag!!
  4. I saw this bag in Las Vegas in June and it was beautiful! I have been trying to find out what it is called also. I did find an auction for one at an outrageous price but in a different color so I could print it and show the SA it when I go to Vegas again so I can get one. Is it this one? This is the picture from the auction I saw.[​IMG]
  5. yes! that is the bag!

    does anyone have this bag?
  6. miu2 posted a recent thread about this bag. It's one of the new arrivals for Fall. You can PMed her for her SA's info. I believe that the store has the color you're looking for.

    Can you spot the Peggy Lux in this picture? :graucho:

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  7. A tPFer has the bag in Amarena! You can see it here: New Miu Miu Amarena Bow Shopper & Q

    It looks awesome on her!

    And another picture of the bag in Alluminio from Miu Miu Beverly Hills here.
  8. should i buy this bag? in graphite or sapphire? decisions!!!!
  9. i vote for graphite!!! imo a shoulder bag should be more versatile, whereas a hand carried bag can be more 'bold'..

    thou sapphire is really delicious..:drool: lol
  10. my vote goes for graphite too! although i would like to see pictures of the peggy in both colors..
  11. i'll go and get it tonight...will let you guys know!
  12. Sapphire - I think the bag looks blah in Graphite.
  13. ^^ITA! My vote goes to Sapphire, unless you've purchased it already.. ;)

    Show us pics of what you got, plssss!!!
  14. ahaha im digged up my own thread when i was searching for something.....i eventually got it in graphite and took it on a 3 week vacation to asia with me...stood up pretty well against the humidity!