Can anyone give me info (where to purchase) this Gucci shoe?

  1. I'm lusting over this, anyone know any information on it (year it came out) or where I can try to get a pair in my size? Many thanks! :yes:



  2. Thats a hot shoe! I dont know where you can find it though. sorry
  3. wow what a gorgeous shoe. have you tried, gucci, Saks, nieman, eBay?
  4. thats hot!!
  5. No luck with Vancouver's Gucci. And I'm not sure if Neiman or Saks are too willing to ship Gucci to Canada (they wouldn't ship Juicy Couture to me the last time I called to make an order). Also :confused1: I don't know the name of the shoe

    Please help :smile: Any info would be great on this shoe!
  6. Neimans does ship to Canada, I had my Chloe boots shipped last month!
  7. Did they charge you high customs for it? I just assumed that if they weren't shipping Juicy Couture then they wouldn't ship other labels to me too!
  8. They ship with USPS/CanadaPost and customs is charged at the border. the boots were about $700CDN and I paid around $100 customs.
    They should ship any brand regardless.....
  9. I honestly don't know the name of the shoe but call Neiman's. They are great with shipping & finding what you need! They found the last size in a Gucci sandal I wanted & had it at my doorstep by the next week. Good luck!! I will keep my eye out for you because I KNOW I have seen them before, I might have seen them on eBay.
  10. Thank you girls! Maybe I'll try giving NM a call, and seeing if they can find it for me!

    Does it seem to anyone that Gucci shoes are harder to find than bags, or is it only me being in Canada?